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Knot Tyers
101 Ways to Keep the Love Knot Tied
Youu2019ve been planning your wedding since you were five, right?
Youu2019ve got it all covered, yes?

Words spoken at ceremony, ummmu2026what?

You’ve chosen everything else for your wedding, why not choose the words and rituals that tell your love story best?

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Downloadable Kit contains:

A Wedding Ceremony To Remember
Perfect Words For The Perfect Wedding

Tying The Knot
Symbolic Ceremonies To Celebrate Your Union

Knot Tyers
101 Ways to Keep the Love Knot Tied

  • $1,000.00

Rather than the typical wedding planner, the tools in this kit focus specifically on the marriage ceremony itself. These two u201cword plannersu201d will help couples create a ceremony that reflects their values and tells their unique love story. The personalized worksheets, diagrams and checklists make planning the ceremony a u201cpiece of cake.u201d



The LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit offers you just enough choices to cover all of your bases without the million-option headaches of industrial-strength wedding planning.

As Goldilocks said, u201cNot too little, not too bigu2026just right!u201d

The LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit consists of companion books that contain all the resources you need to create and organize your wedding ceremony from start to finish.

Blank bookcover with clipping path
A Wedding Ceremony To Remember
Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding
You donu2019t have to settle for a u201ccookie cutteru201d wedding ceremony. Now you can build a ceremony that reflects your love and your own unique style from start to finish. To make your ceremony personal, eloquent and unique, choose the u201cperfect words for the perfect wedding.u201d

  • Variety of ceremony stylesu2014Religious, Non-religious, Traditional, Contemporary, Bilingual, Second-timers, Family-themed
  • Wedding Vows, Ring Exchange Vows, Prayers and Blessings, Readings and Traditions
  • Ceremony Worksheets to customize your ceremony
  • Rehearsal Worksheets to organize your rehearsal
  • Diagrams with entrance, exit and altar formations
  • Program samples for your printed wedding programs
  • Ceremony Order of Service takes you step by step, entrance to exit
Tying The Knot
Symbolic Ceremonies To Celebrate Your Union
The quintessential guide for incorporating symbolic ceremonies into the wedding celebration. One of the most complete compilations of traditions, rituals and customs anywhereu2014all in one place. Its detailed yet simple format will make you an expert in no time!
  • 55 Symbolic Ceremonies (many with multiple versions)
  • Time-tested Traditions (Unity Candle Ceremony)
  • Religious Rituals (Crowning Ceremony)
  • Cultural Customs (Asian Tea Ceremony)
  • New Trends (Love Locks Ceremony)
  • Family Inclusive Unions (Family Unity Puzzle)
  • Illustration of each Ritual
  • Script, Procedure Instructions and Items Needed for each
    Tradition, Ritual and Custom


Exclusive to THIS offer!
Knot Tyers
101 Ways To Keep the Love Knot Tied
Roommates or Soulmatesu2014which describes your relationship? This book includes tips on how to keep soulmates from turning into roommates. Keep your love life on track all through the years with KnotTyers.
Two hearts together will travel
lifeu2019s journey side by side,
and promise to do whatever it takes
to keep the Love Knot tied

So get started and light a candle, blend some sand, create a time capsule, plant a tree, toss some pebbles, paint a canvas, name a star and literally…tie the knot!

LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit includes:

  • 9 Unique Wedding Ceremonies
    (Religious and Non-religious)
  • 55 Symbolic Ceremonies
    (Traditions, Rituals, Customs)
  • New Trends
  • Wedding Vows
  • Ring Exchange Vows
  • Prayers and Blessings
  • Readings
  • Formation Diagrams
  • Ceremony and Rehearsal Worksheets
  • Ceremony Order of Service
  • Wedding Program Samples
  • Special Touches (how to include children, honor loved ones, recognize mothers, blend family cultures, outdoor ceremony ideas)
  • And much, much moreu2026


Get “Knot Tyers – 101 Ways to Keep the Love Knot Tied” absolutely FREE when you purchase The LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit.


  • A Wedding Ceremony to Remember lets you design your ceremony from start to finish.
  • Tying the Knot allows you to incorporate a tradition, ritual or custom into your ceremony.
  • You will know exactly what to say, what to do and what you need to celebrate your union.
  • Create a ceremony that reflects your love, your beliefs, your family and your own unique style.

u201cI didnu2019t know where to start when I got engaged, but wanted something special for my ceremony. When I found these books, I was so excited because they both gave me options to create the ceremony I had always dreamed of. And best of all, they were easy to understand and user friendly. What a life-saver! Worth every penny!u201d ~ Happy Bride
Now you will know exactly
What to say
What to do
What you need

to celebrate your union

Wedding Officiantsu2014This book should be in every Wedding Officiantu2019s library and may be used by clergy of all faiths. Being knowledgeable and proficient in these symbolic rituals gives Brides confidence in your experience, education and expertise as a Wedding Officiant.

u201cThese are the books I go to when preparing for my couplesu2019 weddings. My wedding officiant business would not be the success it is without them. Everything is organized and laid out in such a way that it makes my job so much easier. Two great resources that should be in the library of anyone in the business of officiating weddings.u201d ~ Wedding Officiant

Greg Blomberg

Michelle _ Ki from Melanie (Garden Gate) 1-16-10
Wedding Plannersu2014Becoming familiar with all the different traditions is a time-consuming task. Brides look to you for guidance; now you can guide them with professional expertise and skill for whatever symbolic ceremony they choose.

u201cMy brides expect me to know everything about everything. They rely on me for answers. These two books make me look good, like Iu2019ve done my homework. They are very informative with explicit instructions. Now I feel more confident when guiding my couples with whatever type of ceremony or traditions they may choose.u201d ~ Wedding Planner

Not just for Brides!

Wedding Couples, Wedding Planners and Wedding Officiants all proclaim this set of books to be one of their most important purchases when preparing for a wedding

What readers are saying about the LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit

u201cCreative, Concise, Completeu201d

u201cAll you needu2014all in one placeu201d

u201cBoth familiar and fresh ideasu201d

“The Brideu2019s Bible for planning a wedding ceremony”

I recently used “A Wedding Ceremony to Remember” for our wedding last month. It was easy to navigate and extremely helpful in designing the perfect wedding ceremony for us, customized to what we thought was important. The book includes a wide variety of choices for every part of the wedding (vows, ring exchange, prayers, blessings, etc). I would recommend this book to anyone planning a wedding or taking part in the wedding- planning process. However, I would especially recommend this book to brides because it offers a chance to custom-choose every part of your wedding ceremony in one place. This is the only book I used while planning our wedding ceremony because I didn’t need anything else! The book is wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.

Danielle VillaretonBride

This Ceremony and Rehearsal Guidebook has it all!!! Numerous sample ceremonies, various cultural traditions explained and incorporated into ceremonies. Readings for any type of ceremony, be it Traditional, Religious, Contemporary or Civil. Many selections of Wedding Vows and Ring Exchange vows. And regarding the logistics of a ceremony, meaning the classic order of service, processional and recessional diagrams, and altar formations, as well as fill in blank pages to add the details of your own ceremony….. This book is TOP NOTCH. I have been officiating ceremonies since 2006 and have recommended this book to nearly every couple I have officiated for. They RAVE about it.

Joel LessardOrdained Minister

I bought this book for a friend who is planning her wedding. This is the response I received from her. “I have been struggling with what to do for our ceremony…I have been completely lost! Your package arrived and I read about blended families. I am seriously so overwhelmed!!! I cannot begin to thank you for this blessing….this is exactly the help I needed!!!”

CherylHFriend of the Bride

I bought this book in anticipation of my own daughter’s wedding. It is a beautifully written book detailing so many cultural wedding traditions with lovely illustrations. I have so many ideas now and I can’t wait to help my daughter incorporate some of them into her own wedding.

DeannaMother of the Bride

Get Your LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit Now for $39.97!

Marty has tied the knot for more than 6,000 couples
Rev. Marty Younkin, affectionally known as u201cMinister Marty, the Marryinu2019 Man,u201d has tied the knot for thousands of couples for almost 50 years. He has a Masters of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He served as a Singles Pastor for many years until he worked himself out of a job by marrying off the singles and turning them into couples.

Rev. Younkin is the Founder and Executive Director of LoveNotes~DFW Clergy Services in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. LoveNotes is a highly respected and sought after organization of non-denominational ministers who provide ministerial services for weddings, vow renewals, memorial services, baptisms, christenings, baby dedications, blessings, quinceau00f1eras and counseling.

Marty is married to his bride and best friend, Carol Sage Younkin, with whom he collaborated in writing these books. They have three children and live in the Dallas metroplex.

Martyu2019s favorite quote about the perfect marriage:

u201cA perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. If you are not connecting on a daily basis with your spouse, you are exchanging a soul mate for a roommate. I will remember always that marriage, like life, is a journey, not a destination, and that its treasures are found not just at the end, but all along the way.u201d



Get “Knot Tyers – 101 Ways to Keep the Love Knot Tied” absolutely FREE when you purchase The LoveNotes Wedding Ceremony Kit.


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