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Joe Zinser

Joe Zinser has served for 25 years as senior pastor in both small rural as well as large inner-city churches. His outgoing, warm, non-judgmental personality makes you feel accepted and puts you immediately at ease. Joe will do everything possible to calm your fears, answer your questions and give you the ceremony of your dreams because it comes from the heart of someone who truly cares about you and your special day. You will never see Joe without a smile and a kind word. There’s a reason they call him “Smiley.” In fact, there is a rumor that Joe was the model they used to make the “little yellow smiley face” you see everywhere.

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• I was married to Debbie for 21 years before she lost her life to breast cancer, which gave me a reason to do the Susan Komen 3 day/60 mile walk in her honor. We have 2 married children and 8 grandchildren.

• God blessed me with a re-connection to an old friend who married me on July 14, 2018.  Sharon is the best of best friends and perfect wife.

• I raise a few cows and own a hay baling business in Sanger, TX

• When asked what my “real job” is, I tell them “people” are my real job. My specialized ministry provides a variety of clergy services for people who need a minister to minister to them! Being the “pastor” for a wedding and not just an “officiant” is my key objective.

• I love to do woodworking, whether it’s building or repairing cabinets or making something special out of wood.

• I’m an avid adventurer and love to travel. One of my favorite memories was the first time I saw Pearl harbor.

• My favorite restaurant? If I don’t have to cook it, that is my favorite restaurant! I will eat just about any kind of food put in front of me. I really like beef, especially if it’s one I raised myself.

• I can be made very happy with Oreos and cold milk (I still dunk my Oreos in milk, too. Isn’t that the proper way to eat them?).

• My all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing—love the music, dancing and the integrity of Patrick Swayze’s character. My musical tastes include anything from Motown, Willie Nelson, Weekend, Walk the Moon, and of course, the famous Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble!

• I strongly support our military men and women, having been to bases and camps in Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Hawaii and the continental United States. I also stand with our police officers and fire personnel and deeply appreciate their service.

• My father was the most influential person in my life. He taught me how to love, how to create boundaries and to learn something new every day.

• My favorite quote —“Simply put, a marriage is not a marriage without the existence of two individuals who promised to love each other.” Jessica Gardner

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6 reviews for Joe Zinser

  1. Wedding Wire Bride and Groom

    If I had to describe Joe Zinser with one word it would be: Professional. This man cares about what he does and his work shows it! Joe was not awkward (this was a big concern of mine not having known him personally); in fact, he was quite the opposite. He was engaging with family members, the wedding party and the guests alike. He was courteous, thoughtful, and always bowed to my fiancee’s wishes. He was helpful in the ceremony selection process and didn’t force any beliefs or preferences upon us (which was extremely appreciated since my wife and I come from two different religious backgrounds.) He was interested in our relationship without overstepping  and even added a special piece about how I proposed to my wife into our ceremony. All in all, Joe Zinser was the Officiant my wife and our wedding deserved and I’d recommend him 100 times over! Thanks, Joe!

  2. Tim and Mary Beth Heydari

    LoveNotes Weddings is a great service! I’m so glad I found them! The process of choosing ceremony content is all online and so easy to manage. And Rev. Joe Zinser? What a delightful man! I couldn’t be happier that he was the one to marry us. His faithful and encouraging words made my pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception absolutely perfect! If you want an inspiring, romantic and religious ceremony, Rev. Joe will exceed your expectations. Thank you for making my wedding day the most amazing and perfect day of my entire life!

  3. Wedding Wire Bride

    LoveNotes and Joe Zinser absolutely made our wedding ceremony a sacred and special event! We originally had a different LoveNotes Minister who, tragically, had a health emergency 48 hours prior to our ceremony. Joe stepped in with almost no notice and we didn’t get to meet him until the rehearsal. Nonetheless, he was charming, humorous, and gave us absolute confidence that our interfaith wedding would still go as planned. He was phenomenal! We received  many compliments on his style and execution of the ceremony. Several asked how we knew him because he made the ceremony so unique to us. No one knew we had just met him the night before. We adore Joe and were honored to have him as our officiant. We would highly recommend LoveNotes to anyone who needs an officiant!

  4. Wedding Wire Bride

    We had a great experience with LoveNotes and our phenomenal minister, Joe Zinser. He guided us through the whole process, gave us ideas, and let us know he was available for anything we needed. What we really loved about him, though, was that he treated us like family. With LoveNotes, you can customize your entire ceremony with the book they give you, plus you can personalize it even further just by telling the officiant what you want. Joe was so personal and made our ceremony incredibly memorable. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him. Having someone treat you like family is worth every penny!

  5. Sawyer and Christopher Cerutti

    LoveNotes was just what I needed. They took the stress out of worrying about the ceremony from the moment I found them! They have an easy to follow workbook to put your ceremony together with lots of options and you are able to customize it as much as you want. Joe Zinser was absolutely wonderful! He took the time to get to know us and made helpful suggestions for the ceremony. He was so knowledgeable about the whole process from start to finish. He was calm, confident, kind, and made me feel cared for and special! He even took a moment to pray with the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony. Joe truly has a gift and I’m so grateful he shared that with us!

  6. Happy Couple


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