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Ed Gillies

“Savor the moment” is a life principle that Ed Gillies lives by. He loves to help make every couple’s wedding the most “savorable” moment of their life. Ed met his wife, Roni, in 1978 at an outdoor “Christian Woodstock” music festival where he was performing. They soon wed and over four decades later, they’re “still having fun and she’s still the one!” An ordained minister, Ed has served as a worship leader, television producer and event coordinator for churches and national ministries in several states over the past 35 years. He has recorded a trilogy of worship albums and recently published his first book. Along the way he’s had the happy honor of ‘tying the knot’ for dozens of brides and grooms, many of whom remain in contact with him decades after their big day. His wedding “alumni” have become part of his extended family and he is grateful for the privilege of being chosen as their “knot tyer.”




  • Met my wife on Turkey Mountain in Arkansas and it’s been Thanksgiving Day for me ever since.
  • My two sons, their wives, and four grandchildren are my joy.
  • Grew up in Houston, the son of a pastor/railroad man and a homemaker.
  • Led worship in over 4,000 worship services.
  • Played keyboards and sang in a variety of venues: cathedrals, arenas, cruise ships, prisons, bars, beaches, and mountaintops, to name a few.
  • I brake for sunsets.
  • I love to go for a run first thing every morning, except Sunday.
  • My substitute teaching at the local high school keeps my thinking young and gives me a fresh perspective of the youth culture. (Plus, it provides a fresh, albeit captive audience for me to share my favorite life experiences and well-worn dad jokes!)
  • Worked in television for a decade, writing and producing hundreds of shows and commercials.
  • I’m a lifelong Houston Colt 45/Astros fan.
  • My favorite movie is the relatively obscure comedy, What About Bob?
  • My favorite quote – “Time and truth go hand in hand.”

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